Business Description: ReduceOne Weight Loss Centers a two or three cubicle consultation office located in high traffic, medium to medium high income commercial areas. Our goal is to help customers lose very quickly weight, size, and fat percentage, achieving long term results. An average ReduceOne customer following our program can actually lose up to 20 lbs of fat in just 3 weeks. Obesity is a real problem and a threat to healthcare globally, which is now considered an epidemic.


Vision Statement: To Lead Against the Obesity and Overweight Epidemic.


Mission Statement: To Create a Global Business Network that can Improve Health Statistics Helping Customers Reduce Weight and Size, Boosting their Quality of Life, Wellness and Longevity, Exceeding Customer’s, Shareholder’s, Partner’s, Associate’s and Employee’s Expectations and Maximizing the Company’s Assets and Values.


The Market: Numbers vary from source to source, although it’s clear that in the US at least every 1 in 3 is obese and 2 in 3 are overweight. According to a UK JPMorgan Analyst the demand in this market is far from being met by the pharmaceutical companies. The current Demand is over 50 billion dollars annually only in the US and estimated to be 300 billion globally.In 2007 the market for weight-loss drugs offered was just over 200 million and expected to grow to 1.5 billion in 2012 and 4.6 billion in 2015. Hence, the demand for a weight-loss program such as the ReduceOne approach could fill a huge gap in the market. Studies show that the US is not alone in this battle, according to a report posted on currently there are 400 million obese and 1.6 billion people overweight globally; by 2015 it is expected to reach 700 million obese and 2.3 billion people overweight.


Why ReduceOne? ReduceOne has its unique approach to the industry and has an edge over others, since our Business Model takes only the best of Partnerships and Franchise Business Models. Most of the “industry” is focused on selling food, exercise equipment, pharmaceuticals drugs, surgical procedures, exercise routines, nutritional advice or even “Miracle Products” that won’t always work and some can even cause serious health problems. Even so, there is a huge gap between the offer and demand in the market, ReduceOne will take a share of the market, and will Lead the Way.


Our Business Model: According to The International Franchise Association the average investment for a franchise is between $300,000 and $400,000 USD. Franchises have stronger brand recognition, corporate support and training, territorial rights, idea sharing and combined purchasing power amongst other advantages although there could be some disadvantages too; some Franchisors rely on high start up fee’s or high royalties that could take at 3 or more years for the investor to get their Return on the Investment.


Although ReduceOne is a young company, on its early stages of growth, our core philosophy is to make profits with our partners and NOT FROM THEM, further more we are so confident in our business plan that WE BET ON IT. Alike most of the other companies there are corporate fee’s (Exhibit D), but unlike most of other companies we are actually willing to bet on our business model. We would be confident to partner up on each center as well as sharing fees, investments and profits allowing you to commit to your desired risk level (Exhibit E). By partnering up we will eliminate possible conflict of interests and create a fair play for all, this makes us team players, working in the same direction so we can rely on each other to make the center as profitable as possible, since we will share its dividends. In other words we would only get dividends if you do.



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