“I had never done a diet before and i never imagined I could lose 18 pounds in just 3 weeks. After knowing that most people take up to 3 months to lose 10 pounds, I was about to give up before I had even started”

Jorge M.
Miami, Florida

“Reduce One is a complete program, it's incredible that I lost 6 pounds just in the first week of the program. That kept me motivated to move on. You don’t feel the sacrifice at the end of the day.”

Andrea P.
Miami, Florida

“With the ReduceOne treatment you don’t feel a lack of energy during a regular da., I noticed a change in my clothes starting the 5th day of the program, I recommend it.”

Sandra T.
Miami Beach, Florida

“Thanks to ReduceOne I’m ready to enjoy the beach this summer. Definitively I won’t miss those extra pounds or the long hours at the gym."

Susy A.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“3 weeks already since I finished the diet and I haven’t gained weight. I eat almost everything again, but with the ReduceOne program I have learned eating healthier and smaller portions.”

Manny L.
Miami Lakes, Florida

“WOW the result has been very quick and impressive - 28 pounds in 6 weeks- and for such a good price”

Missy R.
Aventura, Florida
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